S.A.I.L. Fun Run/Color Run

The PTSO hosts a Fun Run fundraiser in the fall. It is a great time for all families (parents, grandparents, siblings) to come out and cheer on your student as they run in support of our school. For those of you new to this event, students will bring home a pledge card after the kick-off event which is usually in October. There will be full instructions on how to access their online profile and to start reaching out to friends & family. The premise is to raise money for laps run; often people will pledge a per lap rate (ie. $1 per lap run) or just give a flat donation. The course is set up on the SAIL soccer field and students will be able to run a maximum of 36 laps (or approximately 2 miles.) This Fun Run is the main engine behind our PTSO budget that supports every area of our annual expenditures. For more information on how the PTSO funds will be spent, please visit the “PTSO Meetings, Minutes, and Budget”.


While the Elementary School has their Fun Run, the Middle School will take part in the amazing Color Run! Students will raise money through flat donations (rather than the per lap pledges) with the Color Run being their grand finale event.


Thank you for your support!