Interested in becoming a part of the SAIL PTSO?


We invite you to become a member of the SAIL Parent Teacher & Student Organization (PTSO). The PTSO is honored to work alongside staff and teachers to create the very unique environment that is our SAIL culture. Our fundraising efforts reach into every area of both the elementary and middle schools.


What does the PTSO do for the school?


We provide teachers with a budget to supplement classroom materials, art, music and other necessities for the Specials classes and financial support to partially or fully fund field trips, exchange trips, Phoenix sticker reward parties (PBIS), cultural events for all of our languages, special meals for staff and much, much more.


Why should I become a PTSO member?
  1. Your entire membership fee is a donation to the PTSO- the more money we have, the more things we can do for the school!

  2. You will have access to PTSO newsletter updates.

  3. You will have access to board meeting minutes and budget updates.

  4. You will have access to the directory.
  5. You can more effectively suggest change at our school.

  6. You meet and get to know more people at the school!

Does becoming a member have any requirements?


Only the $8 membership fee!
You have the option to become as involved in our PTSO as you want by volunteering for events, joining committees, or becoming a board member!


To make the Membership payment, please access the “JOIN PTSO!” button located on this page.



Questions and/or comments?  Contact SAIL PTSO at .


Gracias  謝謝   Merci   ありがとうございました  Danke   Thank you!